Delhi Day Satta King Patna 05 PM 25-09-2023 Result Update

Delhi Day Satta King Patna 05:00 PM 25-09-2023 Result Update, To Play Satta King 2023 Online, You Have To Contact Khaiwal. And Then Ask Him To Wage Your Money On Your Desired Number. Satta King Delhi is the most popular game in Delhi. 786 is a Lucky number for some People so many of them are called Satta King 786. Most people aged 18 to 45 play Satta King or Satta Khandel in Delhi city. When The Lucky Number Will Declared, Then He Will Tell You The Result And Pay You Your Winning Amount, Satta King, Satta Gali, Satta-King, Satta Number, Delhi Satta, Satta Bazar, Desawar Black Satta, Satta Number, Matka Number.

Satta King Lottery Time Table

At the fixed time, people show them their correct results and their Time Table, I have given you the table below. Has shown

GALI 10:00 PM 57
DESAWAR 05:15 AM 50
GAZIABAD 07:00 PM 31
NEWDELHI 01:20 PM 28

MADHUR DAY 1.30 PM 2.30 PM
SUPER DAY 2:45 pm 5:45 pm
MILN DAY 3:00 pm 5:00 pm
RJDHANI DAY 3:25 pm 5:25 pm
KALYAN 3:45 pm 5:45 pm
MILN NIGHT 9:00 pm 9:00 pm
RJDHANI NIGHT 9:15 pm 12:05 am
MAIN 9:35 pm 12:10 am

 Delhi Day Satta King Patna 05 PM Result


A clandestine community exists in Delhi, the maze-like city of India, pushed by hope and despair, by chance, as well as good destiny. Destiny is decided by the result of each coin and card throw, as this is the world of Satta Matka. The Patna 5 PM Satta King is one of the most exciting and controversial of the various Satta games that keep the city’s players on their toes. The mystical world of Patna 5 PM Satta King in Delhi is explored in this article.

A Synopsis of Satta Matka’s History

Satta Matka, a type of gaming that has its roots in India, has a colourful history. It was initially launched in the 1960s as a way to wager on the opening and closing of cotton rates on the New York Cotton Exchange. It eventually developed into an entire betting game where numbers were selected randomly from a matka, a huge earthenware pot. Today, it has turned into an extremely large underground industry with many variations, like Patna 5 PM Satta King.

The Secret of “Patna 5 PM Satta King

Patna 5 PM Satta King is well-known for its unique timing, which adds additional suspense to an already stimulating game. Patna 5 PM Satta Matka differs from other Satta Matka games in that it is only played at night. Satta King only works after 5 PM. Being known for its novel timing, it is a popular choice among gamblers. The betting crowd feels waves of excitement as the results are announced at around 5 PM after the excitement has been growing all day.

Legal Concerns and Conflict

Certainly fascinating Patna 5 PM Satta King also has quite a bit of criticism and legal consequences. Satta Matka is a type of gambling that is generally declared illegal in India. Due to its huge popularity, the underground wagering industry continues in spite of this.
The social effects of Satta Matka cannot be overlooked; they are just as important as the legal implications. It frequently causes addiction and financial disaster for both the individual and their family. The game continues to be popular, attracting players from many walks of life despite efforts to minimize its influence.

The Function of Technology

The development of Satta Matka, notably Patna 5 PM Satta King, has benefited significantly from technology in recent years. The game is now more accessible than ever, thanks to the internet and smartphone apps. Now that bets can be placed and results can be checked online, it is more difficult for authorities to crack down on this illegal conduct.

Effects on Society

The Satta Matka industry exists due to its attraction to easy money, but it has an expensive price. Savings are wasted, lives are damaged, and families are split apart. The fact that these acts are illegal makes it more difficult for people who are harmed to seek assistance, which contributes to the issue. Given that new players are constantly drawn in by the promise of quick earnings, the cycle seems tough to disrupt.


The success of Satta Matka in Delhi is evidence of its ongoing appeal. Although its unusual timing adds an added level of suspense to an already intense game, it is not without controversy and legal concerns. The social consequences are getting severe as technology continues to help the illegal betting sector. Patna 5 PM Satta King and other such games’ attractions ultimately act as a stark reminder of chance’s influence.

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